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Earl Eastcott - 2013 Spirit of Wellness Honoree

You get what you give. If this axiom holds true, Earl Eastcott is getting a lot out of the Center for Health and Fitness (CHF).

Earl isn’t your typical CHF member – he’s also its most prominent volunteer. Donating his time to CHF for nearly a decade, it’s almost a guarantee you’ve seen him helping out around the gym.

Earl didn’t begin as a volunteer at CHF. His journey started in 2003, with a simple newspaper ad.

“I had recently retired from a 40-year career as a Systems Technician at Avaya Communications, and saw an ad in the paper for a free, month-long membership,” recalls Earl. “So just like that, I came up and joined the gym.

“From the start, I thought the gym was great; it was very clean, friendly and comfortable.”

Earl also enjoyed the ways CHF is different than other gyms.

“I never felt any pressure here like I did at other gyms,” says Earl. “It’s not an intimidating place to work out, and I think the members like that.”

After a year of exercising at the gym, Earl wanted to get more involved.

“I was approached about the volunteer program,” says Earl. “It sounded up my alley, so I jumped right in. Before I knew it, I was totally dedicated to the volunteering at the gym.”

Volunteering may be an understatement. Most people view retirement as a time to relax, but not Earl. He typically spends between 35 and 40 hours per week helping at CHF. He even has his own office.

“I’ve taken on a lot of responsibilities at CHF,” says Earl. “I help maintain the equipment, call and interact with the all the vendors, order parts for the machines and help keep everything clean.”

Outside of assisting with day-to-day operations, Earl’s biggest contributions to the gym might be the three fitness challenges he creates and spearheads each year.

“We do an annual College Football Fitness Challenge, a March Madness challenge and the Tour de CHF,” says Earl proudly. “The members really get into it. They’ve gotten so popular that I can barely keep up.”

Earl not only manages to keep up, he still finds time to work out a few days a week with his trainer.

“Lauren has been my personal trainer for close to four years,” says Earl. “She really knows her stuff. I love getting the proper and correct directions when using the machines so that I get the most out of my workouts.”

When he’s not volunteering or working out at CHF, Earl pursues a variety of interests including cycling, bowling (he’s bowled two perfect 300 games), watching sporting events and even additional volunteerism.

“I cycle with the Beach Cities Cycling Club and ride about 60-100 miles each weekend,” says Earl. “And during autumn and winter, I work as the official timekeeper for El Camino College’s football and basketball teams.”

CHF is grateful to have Earl on its team, too.