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Tammy Rogers - 2013 Spirit of Wellness Honoree

Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up – something at which Center for Health and Fitness (CHF) member Tammy Rogers is very adept.

“As quickly as I’m down on the ground, I’m just as quick getting back up on my feet,” says Tammy, who has been occasionally falling since birth. “See, when I was born, there was a lack of oxygen and the complication led to me developing cerebral palsy.”

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a disorder that affects muscle tone, movement and motor skills. It’s generally caused by brain damage before or during a child's birth, or the first few years of life.

As you’d expect, Tammy experienced her fair share of challenges as a child. And although cerebral palsy can be a crippling disorder, she didn’t let it hold her back. She  learned to drive, went to college, got a full-time job, and began regularly volunteering – Tammy could handle it all.

It’s only been in recent years that Tammy’s condition worsened, pushing her to a breaking point.

“I began falling down much more often than I was ok with,” says Tammy. “My muscles were too weak, and I knew I had to do something to get stronger.”

Her first solution was physical therapy, but she couldn’t find it long-term.

“I knew how important physical therapy was, but in the medical community, it typically only lasts three to four weeks. I needed it for the long haul,” says Tammy. That’s when she began looking for a gym that could meet her needs. That’s where CHF came in.

“Some gyms won’t even work with me, because they see my condition as a liability. But CHF was more than willing to not only work with me, but to accommodate me in any way they could.”

Tammy joined CHF in early 2013, and began working with long-time personal trainer Lauren Alnes. Lauren set about creating a training regimen tailored to Tammy’s unique set of needs.

“Lauren and I really connected, and I appreciate how sensitive she is to my condition,” says Tammy. “All her certifications have made her very helpful and knowledgeable.”

Tammy’s relationship with Lauren, as well as her custom workout routine, has helped her go “all in” as far as applying herself to the program, and the results are already obvious.

“Since I began working out, I haven’t fallen once,” says Tammy. “It’s been a blessing. Lauren has been so great in helping me stick to my program.”

Even though Tammy is currently thriving, that hasn’t stopped her from setting some realistic long-term goals for herself.

“I just want to continue building up and strengthening my muscles. And once that happens, the goal will be to maintain them,” says Tammy. “This gym is my home away from home. It’s truly a family environment, and I love it here. It’s the best kept secret in the South Bay.”

To show her appreciation, Tammy has brought in coconut cake and red velvet cupcakes to share with her CHF “family.”

If Tammy can continue to stay on her feet, that will be the real icing on the cake…