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Strength Training

CHF strength training equipment ranges from beginner-level (safe, easy-to-use machines with controlled movement ranges) to advanced-level (free weights allowing integrate movement with greater levels of coordination and muscular control). Strength equipment is safe for those with orthopedic concerns or new to strength training when combined with guidance from CHF’s certified, friendly staff.

Equipment includes:

  • Multiple Matrix brand easy-to-use, safe machines for a total body workout
  • 10+ Hammer Strength training machines for those needing to strengthen unilaterally (left/right separately)
  • Squat cage and Smith Machine for those working on overall body strength
  • Numerous Free Motion and Matrix cable-pulley machines, with smooth, easy action for those targeting sports or movement-specific strength training
  • Dumbbells for all levels of training, from 0.5 to 120 lbs.
  • Olympic-style barbells, with plates from 0.5 to 45 lbs. near each piece of equipment
  • Complete kettlebell set for supervised use or as part of CHF’s kettlebell training class

Antibacterial wipes for all machines