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Cardio Equipment

CHF’s cardiovascular suite is furnished with professional, easy-to-use Matrix equipment. All cardio machines feature an easy “Quickstart” option and can be programmed to for people of any fitness level. Most models feature built-in heart rate monitors, and all equipment is compatible with any Polar heart rate monitoring device.

Because CHF is a medically-based facility, it also offers arm-crank and NuStep machines, not offered in most commercial gyms.  These machines allow members with chronic joint problems to exercise pain-free and those who are injured to successfully rehabilitate.

Equipment includes:

  • 10 Treadmills, each with its own television
  • 8 Elliptical trainers
  • 7 Stationary bikes, including 5 recumbent-style for those with lower back concerns
  • 2 Arm-crank machines (for shoulder strengthening/rehabilitation)
  • 6 NuStep machines (“seated” elliptical trainer)
  • 2 Stair-step machines
  • 2 Concept II rowing machines

Antibacterial wipes for all machines